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Marseille-Transfers collaborates with numerous parteners

Whether the activity of these partener companies suit closely of not our transportation field, we give them our entire trust for the services they provide.

Marseille Taxi Tour

Taxi transportation in Marseille

Marseille-Taxitour is a taxi transportation company specialized in tourism for Marseille and Marseille Provence Airport.

Taxi MP2

Marseille Provence Airport taxi

Taxi-mp2.fr is a taxi company located in Marseille and specialized in transportation from and to Marseille Provence Airport and MP2 Airport.

Connexion Energetique

Body and mind wellness

Connexion Energétique is a company that provides several types of care  (energetic, reiki etc.) for body and mind wellness.


Itinérances - Annuaire Voyage et Tourisme


Specialist in travelling

Canadaveo takes care of all your needs for a customized journey in Canada. Enjoy your holidays at your own pace. We promise a total change of scene in nature during winter and summer.

Star Of Service - Marseille Airport Transfer Profile

Marseille Transfers Profile

Marseille-Transfers Profile on StarOfService. We organize private tours, transfers in Marseille, Provence, Marseille Provence Airport, Marseille Cruise Port and Marseille Gare Saint-Charles train station. Please feel free to rate us !